Here’s an idea I’ve been fiddling with for a little while. I have more in my sketchbook but I figured I really needed to let it run free in the wild and move on to the next project. 

I am smitten with the idea of a cartoon featuring Batgirl as a modern Gotham-based Nancy Drew. It feels like a really good, cheerful fit. We all know the tune:

Barbara Gordon, plucky teenage daughter of the Police Commissioner, solves mysteries and chases criminals in a home-made Bat-costume, and equipped with a detective kit of her own devising. 

I think it’d be nice to see what kind of rad adventures a brainy, kinda nosy, science-minded detective girl could have. 

(Edited to add a couple extra pics!) 

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    Too cute!
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    I would totally read this. It’s adorable! Especially if there was an animated adaption where Tara Strong played Batgirl....
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    modern Gotham-based Nancy Drew by themightyadam.
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    I might actually buy a Batgirl comic if it looked as cool as this does.
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    Nancy Drew was my home girl growing up. I would totally read the hell outta this.
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    This would be so adorable.
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